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Utilities Consulting Services

Some things are just too good to be true, but being able to reclaim funds you may have unknowingly overspent on utilities bills is not one of them. Retrieving that capital and then putting plans into place that reduce future expenditures makes cost savings accessible and achievable!


But how? Kyle Tilley Motorsport connects you to an expert in utilities monitoring and auditing. All you need to do is provide the previous three years of utilities bills which include electricity, gas, and phone bills. Each will be examined and compared with various tariffs, rates, and plans that were available at that time to ensure you have only paid for what you actually used. If it is found that you have paid more than necessary, we will work to return those funds to you, or you can choose to apply them to future bills. Either way, cost savings is already working to your advantage, and you have more accessible capital than before!


There are no fees for the initial audit, and nothing is due until the funds are in your hands. A percentage of the savings is agreed upon before the process begins for the services rendered. It’s that easy!

Contact us today to get started!

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